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WhiteScope - An Online ICS/SCADA Whitelist - Privacy and Terms

WhiteScope is a free service that compares file contents and file hashes with "known good" files from ICS/SCADA installation media.

WhiteScope takes user privacy very seriously and we are aware of the trust that our users place in our service. We like to be transparent about the data we collect when someone uploads a file hash or file to our service.

While WhiteScope usually discards the file you've uploaded, we may store some of the uploaded files for analysis. This analysis is focused on improving the service. Please do not upload personal or sensitive files to WhiteScope. While our analysis usually applies to only binary files, we would hate to inadvertently store a personal love letter or sensitive document that was uploaded by a user. If you find that you've inadvertently sent us something you shouldn't have, please let us know and we'll work to make sure it isn't stored.

We do store and analyze user agents, referral URLs, and various other http headers. This analysis gives us an idea of how users are utilizing our service. While our intent is to use http requests as data for improving our service, if you do happen to have personally identifying information in your any of your http request headers, it will be stored by WhiteScope.